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The reverse shawl is my favorite for evening be dressed in, especially when I am in a very very formal dress. I simply take a complementing rich-looking shawl and then drape the open up shawl over my shoulder muscles, with the ends down my back. It looks elegant and sophisticated. This way of tying or braiding a shawl is ideally suited for women who are large and slim. Sometimes mainly because it suits me, and proven in my how to tie scarves articles, I just knot the two ends behind my back in get an immediate appearance to be chic. When I wear jeans, I just love to enhance my personal hips with a shawl. I take my shawl and maintain folding it lengthwise until it is a just a couple of inches. Then i take it and possibly loop it through the belt hoops or wear it low on my hips. I neck tie the ends on one area and let them fall.

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